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Singapore Costumes & Traditional Dress

Singapore does not have a national costume but it’s three main ethnic groups (Chinese, Malay and Indian) each have their own traditional styles of dress that are used on certain occasions. The elegant cheongsam or qipao as it is known in Mandarin will often be worn by Chinese women in Singapore on their wedding day or during Chinese New Year celebrations. To find cheongsam’s in Singapore you can visit The Cheongsam Shoppe located in Holland Village Shopping Centre.

Singapore Cheongsam Qipao

Singapore Cheongsam/Qipao

Singapore Saree

Indian Saree | Singapore

Baju Kurung.

Baju Kurung

For Indian women the sari (saree) is the traditional dress for a wedding and can also be used for day to day wear. A sari is an unstitched length of cloth that is wrapped around the body and decorated with embrodery. There are many ways to drape the sari but in Singapore the most common style is called Nivi, this is a style where the cloth is wrapped around the waist then tucked in, with a section of of sari hanging left hanging over the shoulder. Other traditional Indian outfits are the Shalwar kameez, which are loose trousers and a tunic that is worn by both men and women and the dhoti kurta worn by men which consists of a loose shirt and a cloth tied around the waist.

The traditional costume for Malay men in Singapore is the “baju melayu” which is a loose shirt, trousers and a sarong around the waist called a “sampin”. For malay women the traditional dress is called a “Baju Kurung”. For typical everyday wear modern Singaporeans will be seen wearing western style t-shirts and jeans or business suits.

Party Costumes & Fancy Dress

There are several outlets for party or Halloween costumes in Singapore including Masquerade, Global Mascot and Party City. Masquerade have been in business since 1992 and provide rental of costumes for Singapore residents, local schools and theatre groups while Party City provides pinatas, balloons, party favors and costumes in Singapore. Global Mascot are a manufacturer and wholesaler of mascots in Singapore who mostly cater for larger orders for events such the Singapore National Day Parade, product launches, road shows or carnivals and performances.

Singapore Promotional Costumes.

Singapore Costumes |  Global Mascot

A large supplier of costumes in Singapore is Moephosis Concepts that has over 20,000 costumes available for rental and also make custom made designs for stage performers, event planners and theatre companies, they can also provide performers if required. Another source for performance artists for your event or party is Talent House Studio who can provide mascots, belly dancers and various costumed characters to keep your guests entertained.

Singapore Costume Rental

Singapore Costume Rental | moephosis concepts