Bumble Bee Costumes

Hard working, fuzzy and on a mission to produce delicious honey, the bumble bee is one of the few insects that can be described as cute.

Bumble Bee

Without bees it is believed that the world would run out of food within a few years. That’s because a large number of crops worldwide rely on them to cross pollinate. Most fruits, vegetables and nuts depend on bees to spread their pollen so that they can reproduce and so do many of the crops that are used to feed pigs and cattle. So, time to get as “busy as a bee” in a bumble bee costume to honor these tireless little workers.


There are plenty of nice bee costumes to choose from, cute bumble bees, sexy queen bees or even killer bees for Halloween. Accessorize your outfit with a honey pot style basket/purse and of course no bee would be complete with flowers, so consider adding sunflowers to your dress, either real or woven, the bigger the better.

Bee Costume With Leggins

Bee Costume With Leggins

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